Hotel Room Workouts

You have worked hard to improve your lifestyle, eat healthily and get the most from your training sessions then all of a sudden you go on holiday or away with work and you find that all that hard work and effort comes to a halt.


Most hotels have either a very poor gym or no gym at all.  At the point of realising this many people falsely believe they are unable to train and so give up or put it on hold.  However, there is one often overlooked training facility in every hotel and that is your room.  All you need is the motivation of reaching your goal and a little imagination.  Your aim for such times should be ‘maintenance’ with the focus being on maintaining your current weight and progress.


A little general advice before you start:

  1. Sit down and plan your session including duration of each exercise, intensity and equipment needed.
  2. Check that the equipment you are going to use (chairs, bed etc) is stable and can take your weight.
  3. Remember, if you hurt yourself it is down to you so keep it safe.
  4. Bear in mind that should anything get broken; you are responsible for the hotel bill.
  5. It is essential that you warm up, warm down and stretch.


Beginner to Intermediate Hotel Room Workout {Members Only}

For those who are new to training in a hotel room, this programme uses the main, basic exercises.


Advanced Hotel Room Workout {Members Only}

This programme is for when you want to step it up a gear and get a little bit more out of your session.