Welcome to Paul Sudds Personal Training

Personal training sessions can be carried out either outdoors (with the added benefit of training in the fresh air) or, if you prefer, in the comfort of your own home - whichever works best for you.


‘Goal-Orientated’ Training

All of my training sessions are ‘goal-orientated’ as I am a firm believer that this is the only true way to achieve the results you want.  The ethos of goal orientated training is based around setting and achieving realistic goals in order to spark and maintain motivation throughout your training sessions.

No two clients are the same and so I believe that no two training sessions should be the same either.  When designing your exercise programme I will consider your likes and dislikes, fitness levels, ability and personal goals.   


Sports Performance

If you are looking to improve your performance in a particular sport, I am able to draw on my extensive knowledge of functional training and therapy in order to create a tailor-made training programme to improve overall stamina, performance, endurance and strength in the areas specific to that sport.


Event Training

Training by yourself in preparation for events such as marathons, half marathons, fun runs, cycle races, triathlons etc can be tough and it is all too easy to lose motivation and stray from your training plan.  As your Personal Trainer I will get you ‘race ready’ in time for the big event.  I will devise a full training programme to take you from your starting point right through to the big event itself with additional advice on specific nutritional requirements, race techniques and help with motivation.


Weight Loss

How many times have you stumbled across a ‘miracle’ diet pill or an exercise regime which promises rapid weight loss or six-pack abs?  Unfortunately, we are bombarded with an ever increasing number of such campaigns on the internet and in newspapers and magazines.  To clients who are despondent with many years of yo-yo dieting or lack of enthusiasm for exercise, it is all too easy to buy into these claims of a ‘miracle’ cure.  The majority of the information we get from the media is contradictory at best and downright dangerous at worst.  If there was a ‘miracle’ cure to being overweight then it would be government backed and well publicised in medical journals the world over and not reliant on celebrity backing for its credibility.  By following one of these severely restrictive crash diets or taking diet pills you are leaving yourself open, not only to feeling frustrated when the results do not come to fruition, but worse still there is the risk of damaging your body in the process. 

As a client of Paul Sudds Personal Training you will be provided with several packs which are packed full of information and advice on how best to achieve your weight loss goals.  The packs include Food Diaries, Meal Planning and Healthy Eating for Success.  The depth of my input into your diet is solely down to your preferences.  If you feel you would benefit from extra help with your nutrition, I will provide weekly food diaries.  I will then sit down with you at the end of the week to talk through your food diary and point out where improvements can be made and suggest alternatives where appropriate.

After your initial consultation we will look at setting achievable goals.  During your training sessions I will teach you how to train correctly and safely in different environments while making the most of your session.  I will then prepare your tailor-made programme to help you reach your goals whatever they may be; weight loss, increased fitness or muscle building.  I have a wide range of training equipment available including dumbbells, TRX cables, med balls, core balls, punch pads and kettlebells.  Having so many different pieces of equipment at your disposal helps to keep the sessions interesting.

Client Lifestyle Evaluation and Advice

I will check your body stats at the start of the first training session.  The information gained will help highlight areas where improvement is needed and areas that are okay.  I will also carry out a few basic fitness tests which will be repeated every 6 -8 weeks in order for me to monitor your improvement and ensure you’re getting the most out of your training programme.

Nutrition and Weight Management Programme and Advice

You will be provided with a food diary which I will ask you to complete for a full week.  Upon analysing your diary, I will be able to offer advice on where improvements can be .and also see if there are any of the major nutrients lacking in your diet.  I will provide you with resources to help you make a healthy change to your lifestyle.