Personal Training Service

Training Session 

Personal training sessions can be carried out either outdoors (with the added benefit of training in the fresh air) or, if you prefer, in the comfort of your own home - whichever works best for you.
After your initial consultation we will look at setting achievable goals.  During your training sessions I will teach you how to train correctly and safely in different environments while making the most of your session.  I will then prepare your tailor-made programme to help you reach your goals whatever they may be; weight loss, increased fitness or muscle building.  I have a wide range of training equipment available including dumbbells, TRX cables, med balls, core balls, punch pads and kettlebells.  Having so many different pieces of equipment at your disposal helps to keep the sessions interesting.

Client Lifestyle Evaluation and Advice

I will check your body stats at the start of the first training session.  The information gained will help highlight areas where improvement is needed and areas that are okay.  I will also carry out a few basic fitness tests which will be repeated every 6 -8 weeks in order for me to monitor your improvement and ensure you’re getting the most out of your training programme.

Nutrition and Weight Management Programme and Advice
You will be provided with a food diary which I will ask you to complete for a full week.  Upon analysing your diary, I will be able to offer advice on where improvements can be made and also see if there are any of the major nutrients lacking in your diet.  I will provide you with resources to help you make a healthy change to your lifestyle.  
Members Only Area

As a client, you will be given access to the Members Only area of my website where you can download food diaries and meal planners and have access to articles, workout plans, recipes and downloads.