The Importance of Stretching

There are many benefits to be gained from incorporating stretching into your exercise routine but, sadly, stretching is often overlooked. Regular stretching will improve your posture enabling the muscle tissues to extend through a greater range and thus prevent injury and strain.


Regular stretching of all the major muscle groups increases your body’s overall flexibility which takes the stress out of everyday activities.  My clients often tell me that they find  the stretching excercises relaxing  and an enjoyable part of the training session.  This in turn helps to reduce stress levels and allows time for recapping on their goals and reflecting on the session as a whole.


Once you become more proficient at stretching, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretches will be incorporated into most of our training sessions.


I incorporate a wide range of equipment into my stretching routines including bands, cables, core balls and fixed equipment such as that found in parks.