Functional Therapy

Commonly, when someone suffers an injury, the focus is solely on the structures which have been damaged and how to rehabilitate them.  As a Functional Therapist I work with the core elements of function and therefore can look deeper into the underlying problem by assessing and solving the 'cause of the cause'.  This enables me to construct a much more effective recovery programme, helping my clients to get the best results and to prevent repeat injuries.

By assessing the movement sequences when working with diagnosed injuries, I am able to help my clients avoid further irritation to the injury whilst at the same time enabling them to keep moving which in turn further aids their recovery.  Quite often in the case of injuries there is a chain reaction whereby the initial injury causes limitations and restrictions of movement which in turn leads onto a secondary injury.  This is  why professional athletes take time out from their sports (even after a minor injury) to rehabilitate and recover as the last thing they want is for their initial injury to cause greater injuries, keeping them away from their sports for even longer.

As a Functional Therapist I use hands on techniques including trigger point manipulation and myofascial release to achieve dynamic movements and stretches in order to help my clients regain their full ranges of movement and remove any postural imbalances.   Once I have identified the ‘cause of the cause’ I can incorporate a rehabilitation programme into your training.