Luke Turner - World Champion Muay Thai Fighter

I have been having training sessions with Paul for 2 years.  I am a professional Muay Thai fighter and fight at the highest professional level. I have represented England numerous times and I am the current UKMF English champion.  I won the World Pro Muaythai Organisation title out in Thailand and took a bronze medal at the World Muay Thai Federation world championships.  

I need a professional workout to compliment my training to keep me competing at the highest level and Paul provides me with this. I do my fight training at Bad Company Thai boxing gym in Leeds but for my general fitness I train with Paul. He has helped me to improve my strength greatly and tailors my training to the needs of my competing. Paul also helps when I have to cut weight prior to competition and I know that with his knowledge I can achieve this in a safe way.  

Paul presents a calm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which to train and is always very encouraging. He has helped me greatly and I will continue to work with him throughout my professional fighting career.  I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer as he can tailor workout programmes not just for my level, but for any level.   

ITN News   

-  July 2nd 2010, 6.58pm


Natalie - British Netball Team Under 19's

I started training with Paul about a year ago and work with him alongside my league and national netball training.  I play for Leeds Carnegie and am also a member of the England Under 19’s netball team, for who I am due to play in Australia this year.   

As I am a naturally competitive sportswoman Paul has incorporated sport into my training sessions. He has worked with me in the gym and has also taken me on several runs.  My general fitness, speed, core strength and flexibility have all improved (I can now touch my toes!).  I have also gained personal bests in both bench presses and straight leg dead lifts.  Anyone who knows me will know how much my balance and co-ordination have improved since training with Paul! 

His sessions are both challenging and interesting and we have a laugh at the same time. 





Corinne Dawson - Weight Loss and tone

I began training with Paul to lose my post-baby weight and tone up.  The results have been outstanding.  Not only have I lost 1½ stone and reached my target weight but I have maintained my ideal weight for almost 6 months now.  I am no longer restricted by my previous yo-yo dieting as Paul has taught me the necessary skills in both nutrition and exercise to allow me to stay in control of my weight and body shape. 

I was a little apprehensive at first but I can honestly say there is nothing to worry about.  From my very first training session Paul made me feel at ease and my self-confidence has rocketed as a result. 

The sessions are always fun with no two sessions ever the same whether we are working out in the gym or at one of his outdoor park sessions.  Paul has taught me how to train properly and to make the most of my time spent exercising as opposed to spending tedious amounts of time 'faffing' in the gym as I did previously when working out alone.    

All in all, I really can't recommend Paul high enough.  Giving him a call will be the best decision you make and will be money well spent.

- June 12th 12.33pm


Antony Johnston- weight management, strength and tone

I'm a writer, and that means I spend most of my day sat at a desk, with very little physical movement. As I hit my mid-30s, my metabolism slowed and inevitable weight gain followed.

I had never undertaken gym training before in my life, having previously relied simply on nightclubbing to stay slim! So I was apprehensive, but fairly determined, and after a short time training solo, I began one-on-one sessions with Paul. I saw benefits within a
very short time — not only have I lost 1.5 stone (and now maintain the same waist size I had when I was 30), but my general strength, tone, posture and mental wellbeing are all greatly improved.

Paul is worth every penny. No two sessions are ever the same, which in itself is a great motivator for someone like me who gets bored fairly easily! Paul knows how to keep his clients motivated, and his enthusiasm, friendly approach and ability to put people at ease have ensured I remain a loyal client.




Matthew Watson - British Running Team

I am an elite distance runner having run for England at Cross Country and have placed in the top 20 in the Great North Run half marathon (in 2007).

I was having some injury problems mainly caused by lack of core strength. The help and advice Paul provided me with in terms of core strength and conditioning has been invaluable.

Paul has good all round health and fitness knowledge and the time and advice he gave me was value for money.




Such a great motivator


I started training about a year and a half ago, 4 months by myself and 14 months with Paul. I did not progress very much on my own and I didn’t get stronger or fitter. I learnt more in my first 2 weeks training with Paul than I had in 4 months by myself.  He is such a great motivator, whenever you feel you can’t go on he will be behind you and push you that little bit harder.  Whatever you are looking for; to lose weight, to gain muscle, size and strength, endurance, a healthier diet or just general fitness Paul can help you achieve your goals however big or small. 

 Posted by Oliver Manojlovic, 22, Barnoldswick, Lancs June 30th 2010  3.55pm 



Pleasant, courteous and puts all clients at ease
I have known Paul as personal trainer for eighteen months. During that time i have always found him attentive,  authacrative when required and he will discuss and explain proceedures to you. Together with these attributes he's pleasant, courteous and puts all clients at ease. He is a credit to the centre.
Posted by Ronnie B, Barnoldswick, Lancs June 28th 2010  3.55pm
I'd like to thank Paul for all his supprt


After spending several months in hospital having had a major operation on my neck followed by a stroke, I had given up hope of ever returning to my home and living an independent life.  On returning home life was quite difficult learning to use a walking frame.  I was lacking co-ordination and balance and was prone to falling.  I went from 10½ stone to 8 stone and lost a lot of muscle.  I got a GP referral from my doctor who sent me to the gym where I met Paul.  Paul put a programme together to meet my goals and he worked with me on a one to one basis, guiding me through my programme.  I started with one 30 minute session per week and gradually built it up to one hour twice a week.  At the beginning it was really hard work and tiring before my strength returned but I soon started to see massive improvements.  Paul recommended how I could change my eating habits and I began to put the weight back on. We discussed my motor skills and how to improve them and I went from struggling to stand supported by my walking frame to using two sticks then one and then finally to balancing on my own on one leg.  I am back up to a healthy weight and I am eating far better.  Paul has taught me about having core strength for my balance.  I have started back into my old routine of cleaning the house, cooking and even mowing the lawn.  I never thought I would get back to where I was before I'd like to thank Paul for all his support.


Posted by James S, 83, Barnoldswick, Lancs June 290th 2010 5.04pm

















Functional Therapy and Personal Training

posted 10 Nov 2012, 08:25 by Paul Sudds

I’ve been training with Paul for around 6-8 weeks after booking 6 personal training sessions in the hope of kick-starting a serious get-fit regime.


I've always been a keen gym goer, the typical 3 days a week type who is eager but doesn't really have the proper know-how to get seriously fit and healthy.  I've known Paul for a while but only started to realise the level of his knowledge and expertise when working with him as my Personal Trainer.


Over the years I've developed a pretty severe bad back along with a painful right knee which has always hindered my training.  Having almost given up on ever thinking I'd be rid of these horrible pains, I learnt that Paul is also a Functional Therapist.  The results I've seen in such a short pace of time have been fantastic, freeing up my back and making it so much more flexible and pain free.  This has also spurred me on in our training sessions. My knee has also improved and although it does still occasionally flare up I know I can rely on Paul to help me when it does and build any training programmes around it.


Every training session I have done has been different and varied and although I'm not a fan of working out in the rain, he still manages to get you in the mood to train and have a laugh along the way.


The real benefit that I've noticed is how much more I can do in my gym workouts.  Paul has managed to get rid of my fear of lifting heavy weights - I'm now enjoying the challenge of trying to better myself every time I train and I've lifted the heaviest weights in the gym! That's something I never thought I'd be able to do.


All in all, I would recommend Paul to anyone. He is a motivated and knowledgeable trainer who strives to help you with whatever goals you may have and does so with an easy going manner and friendly atmosphere.


Hayden Wilkinson, November 2012



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