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Functional Therapy and Personal Training

posted 10 Nov 2012, 08:25 by Paul Sudds

I’ve been training with Paul for around 6-8 weeks after booking 6 personal training sessions in the hope of kick-starting a serious get-fit regime.


I've always been a keen gym goer, the typical 3 days a week type who is eager but doesn't really have the proper know-how to get seriously fit and healthy.  I've known Paul for a while but only started to realise the level of his knowledge and expertise when working with him as my Personal Trainer.


Over the years I've developed a pretty severe bad back along with a painful right knee which has always hindered my training.  Having almost given up on ever thinking I'd be rid of these horrible pains, I learnt that Paul is also a Functional Therapist.  The results I've seen in such a short pace of time have been fantastic, freeing up my back and making it so much more flexible and pain free.  This has also spurred me on in our training sessions. My knee has also improved and although it does still occasionally flare up I know I can rely on Paul to help me when it does and build any training programmes around it.


Every training session I have done has been different and varied and although I'm not a fan of working out in the rain, he still manages to get you in the mood to train and have a laugh along the way.


The real benefit that I've noticed is how much more I can do in my gym workouts.  Paul has managed to get rid of my fear of lifting heavy weights - I'm now enjoying the challenge of trying to better myself every time I train and I've lifted the heaviest weights in the gym! That's something I never thought I'd be able to do.


All in all, I would recommend Paul to anyone. He is a motivated and knowledgeable trainer who strives to help you with whatever goals you may have and does so with an easy going manner and friendly atmosphere.


Hayden Wilkinson, November 2012