Why have a Personal Trainer?

Many people don't realise the potential benefits of enlisting the help of a Personal Trainer and are under the misconception that a Personal Trainer is only for the rich, elite athletes or celebrities.  In this section I will endeavour  to explain the huge benefits of enlisting the help of a Personal Trainer and, hopefully, illustrate how everyone can benefit from a Personal Trainer no matter what their age or fitness level.  I would even suggest that Personal Trainers can benefit from the support of a Personal Trainer.
We all have days when we cannot be bothered, have no energy or have better things to do and often this is all the excuse we need to talk ourselves out of a workout.  One advantage of having a Personal Trainer is knowing that you are paying for the service and this is a huge motivator for you to make the most of it.  A good  Personal Trainer will be there for you, pro-active, ready to motivate you and give you that extra incentive irrespective of how you are feeling.  It is all too easy, when you are working out alone, to start missing sessions and that is when you end up becoming disinterested and eventually give up.
Another advantage of having a knowledgeable Personal Trainer supporting you is that they will constantly suggest different training techniques to add variety and interest to your training sessions.  If the sessions are interesting they will be more enjoyable and you are more likely to make good progress.  More importantly, by training more effectively  you are more likely to achieve the desired results.  As an additional  benefit your confidence will icrease and you will become even more motivated.

I constantly observe individuals signing up to gym contracts believing that after a quick induction and by simply turning up twice a week all their problems will be solved and their goals will be achieved.  Sadly, in many instances, this isn’t the case.  Without the knowledge of how to train correctly and effectively results are poor resulting in the individual losing motivation and interest.  A Personal Trainer is able to tailor a unique programme to meet your individual requirements and teach you how to exercise both safely and effectively.

My knowledge has developed through working daily with clients over the last 4 years.  Being a Personal Trainer is itself a learning curve.  I have a real passion for fitness and exercise and have spent countless hours researching new and varied techniques, proving them with clients, finally observing and evaluating the results.
Training is not about exercising until you feel exhausted, far from it.  It is about learning how to exercise effectively and efficiently - tapping into the knowledge of the Personal Trainer and developing your own ways of training with regular guidance.

Prior to training under my guidance, many of my clients assumed that by simply performing 2 sets of 12 - 15 reps is all they needed to do to achieve their goals.  Any exercise is beneficial but for effective improvement you need to shock your body and keep challenging it, something which a Personal Trainer will encourage you to do. 

Concurrent with your exercise programme, I will advise you how to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.  None of the crash/faddy diets work and in most cases once you resume your old eating habits the weight returns with more beside.  The first thing I advise my clients is that they need to change their lifestyle and this involves more than simply changing their diet.

Too many individuals join a gym eager to follow their pre-holiday or New Years’ Resolutions, only to become disillusioned and abandon their efforts a few weeks later when they have not achieved the results they were hoping for.  Ultimately, greater improvements can be achieved by enlisting the help of a Personal Trainer, particularly during the initial stages of training.

By using a Personal Trainer during the initial stages of fitness training you will achieve the desired results more rapidly and efficiently and will develop the  knowledge of how to train effectively and how to maintain your newly attained fitness level.